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Decarbonizing dairy farms

Project Overview 

For 96% of adults, dairy is a source of essential nutrients (CISL, 2015). Moreover, 

The rise of digital building technologies offers nearly unlimited technological opportunities; opportunities to modernize the building industry, to increase productivity levels in building projects, and to transition towards a more sustainable built environment. The variety of digital technologies designed for the built environment is astonishing, ranging from smart heating systems and software for digital planning and design, such as BIM (Building Information Modelling), to robotics and drones that facilitate construction. 

But what impact will digital building technologies have on existing industry structures and dynamics? How can policymakers and industry players leverage the potential of digitalization? Are any of these technologies more favorable and promising than others? And, what implications does their rise have for investors, architects, construction companies, and other industry players?

We have looked at the implications of the rise of digital building technologies from various angles and in the context of several projects. Our industry report “Towards climate positive dairy farms” provides a comprehensive and structured overview of the latest digital technologies penetrating the building industry. 

We have also developed an interactive negotiation game for policymakers, businesses, and researchers to develop the various perspectives that hinder or help the diffusion of digital building technologies. In this interactive and fun game, participants take on the role of an important stakeholder in the building industry and negotiate the adoption of a particular digital building technology. Finally, our work has also been featured at conferences and practitioner outlets. You can find a selection of our outreach in research and industry below.

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Final Project Report

Status: Complete (2019)