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Waste, cement and heavy industry

We started with CCS 2 years ago ... Insert an intro to why we believe plastics is an important and why we work on it (Marija/Marian)


Our Projects

Study on “how to decarbonize” WtE

CCU only in niches

For 4 Mio tons: We need CCS

2 Mio tons of negative emissions possible

No storage in Switzerland

Norway is opening storage for Europe from 2024

October ‘18 – March ’19

Conceptual design/feasibility for a demonstration with KVA Linth at scale

Capture is ready and can be built within 5 years

Financing mechanisms in development 

Cost: 170-220 CHF today, 85-125 in the future

Investment: Small compared e.g., to other infrastructure (<10bn CHF, vs 80-100bn for waste water)

TRANSPORT is key: We need pipelines! (75 CHF vs 10-15 CHF per ton)

September ’19 – September ‘20

 Feasibility of a CO2 pipeline network

Conceptual pipeline design & rough cost estimate for a CO2 collection network in CH

Deep dive in Zurich for connection of large emitters via existing tunnels

September ‘20 – ~January ‘21

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